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County Executive Page Announces Minimum Wage Increase for County Workers

Created 61 days ago
by Enslin, Edgar

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (January 30) – County Executive Sam Page announced on Thursday steps his administration is taking to improve pay for low-wage St. Louis County employees and move toward a $15 minimum wage by 2022.

Today St. Louis County began the process of increasing wages for the lowest-wage workers by implementing a new minimum wage for all non-seasonal, full-time employees and contracted employees. Accordingly, the Director of Personnel will be requesting that the Civil Service Commission raise all wages to at least $13/hr starting as soon as practicable.

The new minimum wage rate is scheduled to reach $15/hr by 2022, with incremental changes each year until then. An incremental approach allows the County to identify other cost savings that can be implemented to offset the increased out-of-pocket cost of a higher minimum wage.

“St. Louis County employees remain the strongest asset we have as we work toward better government,” said County Executive Sam Page. “As part of my promise to make government work better for everyone, it is my duty to ensure that the people we rely on every day are compensated fairly for their work.”

Employee salaries that are not considered part the low-wage category are also being evaluated.

County Directors will convene a working group to clarify which County employees have not received raises in recent years from proceeds of Proposition P or other sources. They will be tasked to define a fair and just raise for each category of employees who have not received more than the nominal a raise, identify the immediate and long-term financial costs associated with those raises, and propose possible funding mechanisms that would allow us to afford them.