Until the conclusion of the Collector’s tax sale, which begins on August 27, 2018, ONLY CERTIFIED FUNDS will be accepted for payment of delinquent taxes for 2015 and prior years. Certified funds include cashier’s checks, money orders or cash. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Real Property Tax Sale

Real Estate Property Tax Sale

The Saint Louis County Collector of Revenue’s office conducts its annual real property tax sale on the fourth Monday in August. All sales are final and are made to the highest bidder at public auction.

If you wish to view the auction books from past years, please click on any of the links below.

Any parcels that are offered, but not sold in the 3rd sale offerings during the Collector's annual tax sale, and are not actually bid upon by the county, are held by the Collector of Revenue as "Post Third Sale Offerings". The general public is invited to bid on these properties at any time outside of the tax sale.

3rd sale parcels that remained unsold during the tax auction, will be available for bid beginning on December 1. The ‘Post 3rd Sale Offerings’ will be updated accordingly.

For a list of properties currently held by the Collector of Revenue, instructions regarding the bidding process, and the bid form, please click on the links below. Please note that the list of properties may be subject to change without notice.

Anyone with questions regarding the tax sale or the "Post Third Sale Offerings" is encouraged to contact the delinquent tax department at 314/615-7865.