Work the Election Polls!
Earn up to $205!

The Board of Elections is always in need of Election Workers to ensure that the polls run smoothly. In order to serve, you must declare one of the two major political parties and be a registered voter in Missouri.

Those who would like to serve their community, and get paid doing it, are encouraged to apply by clicking here.

*Note: To get paid, you must attend a training class AND work an entire Election Day. Election Day begins at 5:00AM and ends after the polls close at 7:00PM.

Check out our FAQ here.

Job Descriptions

 There are 4 main types of Election Workers that the Board of Elections is looking to hire:

1. Poll Workers  
2. Assistant Supervisors
3. Supervisors
4. Technicians

Each play their own very important roll to make sure that the voters' experience little to no trouble while they vote.

Remember that you must be at least 18 years of age and a registered Missouri voter to work as an Election Judge. 
If you are under 18, check out our High School Election Judge program

You are required to attend one training session which will cover everything you need to know to work on Election Day.                

To be paid, you must attend the training session and work the entirety of Election Day (5AM- 7PM), so please
confirm a personal means of transportation to and from your polling place before Election day.

  1. Poll Workers
    1. Process voters at the Voter Check-In station
    2. Hand out ballots
    3. Assist Supervisors at the Solutions station
    4. Hang all signs, post the American flag, set up voter booths
    5. Set up PollPads (voter check-in machines

  2. Assistant Supervisors
    1. Set-up, take down and operate Touch-Screen Voting Machines
      1. Change Touch-Screen Machine paper as needed
    2. Set-up, take down, and operate Paper Ballot processing machine
    3. Assist Voters
    4. Fill out Certification Forms with Supervisors during the Opening and Closing of the polls
    5. Call the Tech with any technical issues        

  3. Supervisors
    1. Manage and operate the Polling Place
    2. Open and unpack all materials
    3. Fill out Payroll Form and recite Election Oath to all Workers
    4. Fill out all Certification forms with Assistant Supervisors
    5. Assist voters at either the Check-In station or Solutions station
    6. Deliver items to the Turn-in Location after the Polls close
    7. Set up PollPads

  4. Technicians
    1. Responsible for a group of Polling Places within their assigned area
    2. Update all PollPads
    3. Perform basic maintenance
    4. Troubleshoot Voting Machines as needed