Poll Worker

  • Set-up PollPads (voter check-in machines)
  • Hang all signs, post the American flag, set up voter booths
  • Process voters at the Voter Check-In station
  • Assist Supervisors at the Solutions station
  • Break down and pack up election materials at the end of the day

Assistant Supervisors

  • Set-up, take down and operate Touch-Screen Voting Machines
  • Change Touch-Screen Machine paper as needed
  • Set-up, take down, and operate Paper Ballot processing machine
    Assist Voters
  • Fill out Certification Forms with Supervisors during the Opening and Closing of the polls
    Call the Tech with any technical issues


  • Manage and operate the Polling Place
  • Open and unpack all materials
  • Fill out Payroll Form and recite Election Oath to all Workers
  • Fill out all Certification forms with Assistant Supervisors
  • Assist voters at either the Check-In station or Solutions station
  • Deliver items to the Turn-in Location after the Polls close
  • Set up PollPads                     


  • Responsible for a group of Polling Places within their assigned area
  • Update all PollPads
  • Perform basic maintenance
  • Troubleshoot Voting Machines as needed