Frequently Asked Questions

Locate Answers To Common Election Worker Questions

Q: What is expected of me as an Election Worker?
A: Those selected to serve as Election Workers are expected to represent the Board of Elections in a professional manner by giving prompt professional services to every voter. Election workers must also follow election laws and rules and remain unbiased with Election Day Issues and candidates.

Q: I am a person with a disability can I still be a Election Worker?
A: Yes you can. Please keep in mind the extended hours that you will need to work on Election Day. Call 615-1865 to discuss which position would be best suited for you.

Q: What would prohibit me from working as a Election Worker?
A: You cannot work an election where you have a close relative who is a candidate on the ballot. However, you may work in a different part of the county where your relative is not running for an office.

Q: I do not have a car. Is that a problem?
A: We strongly recommend that you have your own form of reliable transportation. Public transit services may not be running at the time you need to get to your assigned location.

Q: Why do I have to declare a party affiliation?
A: State law 115.081 requires party affiliation for Poll Workers.

Q: Where do I go for training?
A: Training is performed at our office in St. Ann. We offer classes at convenient times Monday through Friday plus some Saturdays. We have free parking at our office.

Q: Will I be paid for training?
A: Yes. Pay ranges from $30 to $65 depending on what position you are assigned to at the polls.

Q: How much will I be paid as a Election Worker?
A: Pay varies based on your assigned position. Pay ranges from $125 to $155.

Q: What are the hours I am expected to work?
A: Every Election Worker must arrive at their assigned polling place no later than 5:00 am and work until the polls are closed and equipment packed away.

Q: Can I work a half day on Election Day?
A: We do not offer the option of working a half day.

Q: Where will I be working on Election Day?
A: We make every effort to place you as close to your home as possible.

Q: Will I be paid for mileage?
A: We do pay mileage for those who travel 10 miles or more on Election Day to their polling place.

Q: Can I work with my friend who is already a Election Worker?
A: If you have a friend that is currently working, we will make every effort to place you at the same location.

Q: Will I continue to work with the same group of people in the future?
A: We do try to keep the same working group together.

Q: When do we break for lunch?
A: Every worker is entitled to have a one hour lunch break. For high turnout elections, we recommend that you bring your lunch. Your polling place supervisor will determine the lunch breaks.

Q: What should I wear on Election Day?
A: Remember that you are working a long day, so be sure to wear something comfortable. Jeans and tennis shoes are acceptable form of attire. Anything that is not dirty, ripped or partisan should be your rule of thumb. If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to ask your Election Judge Coordinator.

Q: When should I expect my Election Day pay?
A: It takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks after the Election Day to process payroll.