Planning and Programming Division

The functions and responsibilities of the Division of Planning and Programming can be described as follows:

Area Engineers

Knowledgeable engineers, focused on customer service, who convey project information and goals of the Department.  Department representatives who interact with residents, business owners, elected officials and other interested parties in St. Louis County in an effective manner to meet community needs in their assigned area.   Area Engineers Map.

Project Development and Programming

Talented professionals who establish and maintain the yearly Capital Construction Program, the 3-5 year Short Range Transportation Plan (mid-range plan for programming) and the 15-20 year Capital Investment Initiative (long range plan for roadway development).   The primary in-house planning tool for road related projects that is used to assist in this effort is the Transportation Systems Plan. We are in the process of updating it.  Roadway, Bridge, Sidewalk, Intersection and Facility capital projects are identified in the planning stages, prioritized and ranked according to need.  Group that assures limited monetary resources are being spent wisely and effectively by contract and county forces.

Transportation Planning Studies

Experienced engineers and planners that evaluate road improvement projects for inclusion in the Capital Improvement Program, model existing and future traffic conditions, manage traffic impact studies for county corridor studies and special projects, review conceptual and construction plans of all new traffic signals that are a result of development, and who review and revise capital program needs lists, the Transportation System Plan and Roadway Classification list of all St. Louis County roads.

Property Management

Courteous representatives responsible for the acquisition and disposition of real estate required for the construction and improvement of roadways throughout St. Louis County.  Group that assures negotiations / offers / settlements for County owned property are fair, timely and financially constrained.

Special Projects, GIS and Standards

Hard-working engineers and technicians who are responsible for managing projects which are unique in nature, preparing capital rehabilitation related programs that meet county needs and are fiscally constrained, assuring in-house force rehabilitation activity meets department goals, providing GIS services to the Department and creating, updating and maintaining all Departmental standards and design criteria.

Facility Planning

Knowledgeable staff responsible for conducting facility condition assessments of all county owned facilities and prioritizing needed improvements for inclusion in the Capital Facility Short and Long Range Plans.  Staff that assures negotiations for building space is fair, timely and financially responsible.

Saint Louis County Department of Transportation
Planning and Programming Division
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