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Department of Revenue Duties and Responsibilities
The Department of Revenue consists of three main divisions:
  • Collector of Revenue: Bills, collects and distributes personal and real estate taxes.
  • Licensing: Issues liquor, amusement, tow truck, solicitor and other miscellaneous licenses. NO auto and driver licenses, those are issued by the MO-DMV.
  • Recorder of Deeds: Records real estate deeds and plats, issues marriage licenses.

The Department of Revenue also includes the Trustee Office and the Property Owner Advocate Program, which are administered through the Director’s Office.

The mission of the Department of Revenue is to provide quality, customer-centered information and services to taxpayers, licensees and document recipients; obtaining and distributing funding to more than 200 public-serving agencies improving education, public safety, health, infrastructure and economic growth and opportunity in St. Louis County.

Quentin Wilson,
Director of Revenue