Department Divisions

Administrative Division

The Administrative Division is responsible for, but not limited to, the overall management of the Justice Center including staff communications, internal affairs, facility and staff records, personnel, purchasing, inmate accounts and staff mail.

Operations Division

The Operations Division is responsible for all inmate programs and support functions which service the inmates and facility. These functions, include but are not limited to the Jail Management Information System, accreditation, medical/mental health, laundry, warehouse, commissary, safety and sanitation, food service, maintenance, training and staff development, education, vocational training, religious activities, legal and general library, volunteers, mental health counseling, substance abuse programs, recreation, inmate mail and inmate work programs.

Security Division

The Security Division is responsible for the overall security of the Justice Center. These functions include inmate movement, unit management, inmate supervision, access and circulation, visitation, armory, internal security, intake and release, classification, bonding, transportation, inmate records, inmate property and emergency response.