Residential Property Owner Conference Information

Informal Conference


Informal Conferences are a courtesy offered by St. Louis County for residential property owners.  Conferences are offered only during reassessment years. Informal conferences are not mandated by law.  You do not have to have an Informal Conference before filing an appeal to the Board of Equalization. 

Benefits | Process

Conferences provide residential property owners the opportunity to review and correct information on the Assessor’s property record. You will be able to discuss the Assessor’s opinion of value of your property. 

You'll also be able to discuss your opinion of value at the formal Board of Equalization hearing.  You can provide information that supports your opinion of your property’s value. Any supporting evidence or documentation must clearly represent current conditions.  

The back of your Change of Assessment Notice lists a contact phone number to call for making an appointment for an informal conference with the Assessor’s staff.

Time Frame

The time frame for informal conferences is limited by requirements of state statutes: the Assessor must certify the assessment roll by July 1 and cannot make any changes to values after that.  

All changes past July 1 must be initiated by the Board of Equalization.