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Bids and Request For Proposals

 General Overview  

Cone of Silence

Pursuant to Sections 107.400 and 107.401 SLCRO, all County solicitations, once published, are under a "Cone of Silence." All communication from a Vendor or a Vendor’s Representative relating to this solicitation must follow the processes defined therein. Any communication with other County staff regarding this solicitation is prohibited except the specific types of communication defined in Section 107.401 SLCRO. The Cone of Silence shall terminate at the time a contract resulting from the solicitation is executed or when all bids or proposals in response to the solicitation are rejected by the County. Violation of Section 107.401 SLCRO by a Vendor or Vendor’s Representative shall result in designation by the Director of Procurement of the bid, proposal, or statement of qualifications as non-responsive.