Water Service Line Repair - COVID-19 Message

Department of Public Works, Sewer and Water Lateral service changes due to CoVID 19:

  • In-person/face-to-face services are suspended during the SOE (State of Emergency)
  • Residents may submit applications through Fax @ 314-615-8406, email @ [email protected]
  • Residents and Contractors can contact us 314-615-8427 or 314-615-8420 for more information
  • Video’s and applications for the sewer program can be submitted stlco.govftp.com (User Name) UserSewerUpload (Password) vN3#vtggAZhcTt
  • Residents that have submitted a non-emergency application will be processed in the order it was received after the SOE has been lifted

Residential Water Service Line Repair Program


Program Overview

  • We authorize a water service line repair program for county residents
  • A program fee of $1.00 per month is collected on residential water bills
  • This fee covers the repair or replacement of leaking and/or broken residential water service lines

What is a water service line?

  • The water service line carries water from the main, located near the street, to the inside of the house
  • It is usually located in the front yard
  • It may be located in the side or rear yard, and/or it may pass through a neighboring property
  • It should be at least 42" underground

How do I know if I have a water line leak?


Water line leaks are not always evident however some signs may include:

  • The presence of water in the yard or the street
  • Very low water pressure
  • An unexplained unusually high water usage bill

What should I do if I suspect a water line break?

If you think your water line is leaking, contact your water service provider (Missouri American Water Company or your municipal water service provider)

  • The water company will send an inspector to confirm the leak. The water company will leave a repair notice, which is submitted to the County with the application.
  • Contact the Water Service Line Repair Program office at 615-8420 to obtain an application
  • The County will solicit bids from participating licensed plumbers and will pay the plumber directly for the repair.To be eligible under the program, the program fee, included on the water bill, must be paid.
  • Licensed plumbers will obtain all applicable permits and meet all County and/or municipality inspection requirements.

What if I have an emergency water line leak?

  • If an emergency water line break occurs after normal business hours, contact your water service provider to shut off the water supply, and apply to the program on the next business day.
  • If the water service provider is unable to shut off the water supply, contact a St. Louis County Licensed Plumber to relieve the immediate emergency. Homeowner will then apply to the program on the next business day.

What is NOT covered?

The program will NOT pay for:

  • Repairs necessary as a result of freezing, earthquakes, or other acts of God
  • Repairs on the inside of the house
  • Water meters and/or any facilities owned by the water service provider
  • Landscaping or ornamental structures
  • The location or relocation of shut-off valves or stopcocks
  • The elective replacement of old or lead lines

For more information on the program, please call 314-615-8420.

St. Louis County Licensed Plumbers List

Contact Us

St. Louis County Department of Public Works

Water Service Line Repair Program

1050 N. Lindbergh
Saint Louis, MO - 63132

Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Phone: (314) 615-8420
Fax: (314) 615-8406

Please contact the Water Service Line Repair Program at
the following email address with any questions, concerns,
or to submit a water service line repair application.