Home Day Care Regulations

Rules and Regulations | Day Care

The Home Day Care Licensing Code was established in 1990 to allow homeowners the opportunity to care for children, other than their own, in their residence. The basic requirements for the operation of a day care home are:
  1. the caregiver must live in the residence and be the main care provider,
  2. have a fenced rear yard;
  3. care for no more than 10 children, including the caregivers own children under the age of 13; and
  4. possess or have applied for a State of Missouri Child Care License.

To apply for a Day Care Home License, the following must be completed and submitted to the

Department of Planning:

  1. Application Summary and Form
  2. Police record check form filled out and notarized for anyone living in the home or working for the provider over the age of 18
  3. A $50.00 annual licensing fee
  4. A copy of the property's plot plan, and
  5. A copy of the State license or application

If the property is within 500 feet of another home day care residence, a Board of Zoning Adjustment variance must be applied for and received before the County license can be completed.

For more information contact Debra Nesbit at (314) 615-2520 or by email at: [email protected]