Buder Park

North Buder.  101 Larkin Williams Road
(Athletic/Model Air Fields and Archery Range)
Saint Louis, MO 63088
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South Buder.  215 Valley Park Road
(Picnic Shelters/Playground)
Saint Louis, MO 63026
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Park Hours
8 a.m. - 30 minutes past sunset

General Information / History
The original tract of around 140 acres was given to the City of St. Louis in 1917 and 1918 by Gustavus A. Buder. Because the City never developed the property as required, G. A. Buder provided in his will that his executors reclaim it. He died in April 1954, and that December, G. A. Buder, Jr. was able to deed it to St. Louis County. 

The area is located on the south bank of the Meramec River across from Valley Park. Part of the original land was lost with the construction of Interstate 44, and the park was split into the upper area on the hill, now called Buder South, and lower area close to the river. In the early 1960's, the radio controlled model plane flying field and polo field were constructed.

Using funds from the 1969 Bond Issue, Buder South was developed (shelters, playground, tennis courts) and lower Buder facilities were upgraded. These new facilities were completed and dedicated in 1972.

In 1977 Bond Issue funds were used to purchase the property immediately adjacent to highway 141 and the Meramec River that is now used, in part, for an archery range. 

In the 1993 and 1994 floods, part of Larkin Williams Road was washed out and has never reopened. A trail is being developed to link Buder to Unger Park and the Fenton trail system.

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Features & Amenities
 + Playground (construction is underway. Completion scheduled for November 2017)
 + Trails
 + Archery
 + Model Airplane Field
 + Reservable Shelter
 + Athletic Fields


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Park Postings:

(As of 10/29/18 8:30 a.m.)

The entrance to the Lower Meramec Trail from 55 is closed due to flooding. Access from Holzer Park Road remains open.

Unger Park roads are open to the Riverside Trail Parking lot, however, the Riverside Trail remains closed beyond this parking lot.

The Grant's Spur along Grant's Trail was severely damaged during periods of heavy rain. For safety reasons, this short trail has been closed.

Ohlendorf Park restroom will be off-line for the remainder of the season.  Portable toilets and hand washing stations remain onsite for public use.