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Part 5 - Writing

This section of the training focuses on basic police report writing. Writing is an essential skill for a police officer, and you will use that skill on a daily basis.

Having basic grammatical skills are crucial when creating written reports. Your reputation as a professional law enforcement officer will ride on your ability to accurately document your criminal investigations, and your financial well-being may depend on an unambiguous and thorough description of what you have done in an encounter. This program encourages you to go beyond these initial exercises and review your grammar skills prior to attending the police academy.

View Video

This is the last one. You are probably getting sick of the intro music—sorry about that. Once you are done watching, there are six very important exercises to complete and submit.

Assessment Exercises

Now that you have seen an introduction to the kind of writing skills needed at the Academy, we would like you to do some assessment exercises that will give us an idea of how well developed your basic writing skills are.

Instructions: There are six exercises. Clicking on the link below will open the exercise. You should fill out the form with the answers and press the Submit Exercise button at the bottom to send it to the CMPA Learning Skills Instructors for evaluation.

Please note: with Web-based forms you must complete the exercise in one session. If you close the form, all of your work up to that point will be lost.

When you submit the exercise, you will be taken to a message verifying that the exercise was sent. There will be buttons at the bottom of the page that will bring you back to this page or on to the next exercise.

Please be sure that you provide your name and email address each time. There will be fields to enter this information at the top of the exercise. After the submission of each of your exercises, you will receive feedback by email.

Only submissions by St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy Recruits will actually be read by the Learning Skills Instructors. We will contact recruits if there are concerns about the submissions.

Next Step

When you are finished the video and all six of the exercises, you are finished with the Basic Learning Skills program. Go to a list of other online study aids by clicking the [Study Skills Links] button below. To go back to the previous section, click the [Back] button. To go to the Learning Skills Introduction page, click the [Return to Intro Page] button. To go to other pages, use the menu on the left of this page.

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