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Part 4 - Reading

The fourth section of the Basic Study Skills program deals with a skill that most have learned, but few have mastered: reading. This class will give some tips for increasing reading speed and comprehension, as well as providing some links to Internet resources that support or expand on these suggestions. Finally, you will be encouraged to begin reading on a regular basis in order to better develop your ability to gather information from the printed word before entering the Academy.

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By this time, you know the drill... Watch the video and make the commitment.


Improving your reading is a long term commitment, but since you will need to use your reading skills to study for tests in the Academy, and to gather information on the street, there is no better time to start to work on those skills than now.

To begin with, your assignment for this section is to read at least fifteen minutes every night, preferably on a police or law topic. What you read is somewhat less important than how much—we want you used to taking in information from the printed word—but it should be reading that challenges you a bit, as well.

You should look at the information on this Web page provided by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute for their students. It provides a set of recommendations to help you to better remember what you read. [Click here] to go to the page and close the window to return to this page.

Here is a series of Web pages, provided by an instructor from the Glendale (CA) Community College. They cover some of the ideas we've discussed in the narrated program, from a little bit different angle. And there are examples of several techniques taught to increase reading speed. To go to the Glendale CC site, [click here].

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