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Exercise 6 - Verb Use

Each of the following sentences is written with a blank in place of a missing verb. Choose the correct verb form from the two choices given below the sentence.


All of the students ________ on the bus.
is / are

Incorrect:   is / are
Correct:   is / are

Do not close the form before you submit your exercise, or you will lose all of your work.

* Required

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Now that you have finished all six of the exercises, you are finished with the Basic Learning Skills program. Go to a list of other online study aids by clicking the [Study Skills Links] button below. To go back to the Part 5 - Writing page, click the [Part 5 - Writing] button. To go to the Learning Skills Introduction page, click the [Return to Intro Page] button. To go to other pages, use the menu on the left of this page.

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