Registering For CMPA Courses

St. Louis CMPA Continuing Education programs are listed in our searchable online catalog and are generally open to certified peace officers, and for some programs, reserve/part-time officers and dispatchers. Computer application classes are available to civilian employees, as well. Restrictions, where they exist, will be described in the course flyer which can be accessed from the catalog listing.

Registration for Police Basic Training for new officers follows a different procedure. For information on admission requirements and procedures go to our Police Basic Admissions Information page.

Specialized security force training has a separate listing in the catalog, and once Tier II training is completed, many of the law enforcement classes are available to security personnel, as well. The catalog listing indicates which are open. For an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) document explaining the tier system, click here.

Registration for Continuing Education programs must be done through your department and approved by a supervisor. Tuition paying departments receive priority for registration. Non-tuition paying departments are allocated seats on a seat-available basis. In some cases, individual officers may pay to attend CMPA Continuing Education programs, but must still obtain department authorization.

Flyers and registration forms are posted on this web site in PDF format as soon after development as is possible. These may be accessed and, if desired, printed out from our course catalog. The catalog has an integrated registration form which allows authorized training personnel and supervisors to register participants online. Completed manual registration forms, included with the flyers, may also be mailed to the address at the bottom of the form or faxed to (314) 863-2317, if so desired.

Clicking on the registration button in the catalog listing transfers the course name, date, and times to the registration form. Those wishing to access the form directly, for instance when using the print-formatted Academy newsletter, which is still available for download, may click here to access the form.

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