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FAQs  Frequently Asked Questions
Links to commonly sought information about course offerings, certifications requirements, and the location of the Academy. Includes information on the Police Legal Sciences Legal Update and Communications on-line training, which the CMPA certifies.

Course Catalog and Training Links

Course Catalog  Searchable Course Catalog
A searchable listing of all Continuing Education courses offered by the C.M.P.A.—law enforcement, dispatcher, computer, and security—is now available.
Academy Newsletters  Academy Newsletters - All Training Types
Links for downloading the current newsletter with listings of all law enforcement courses, with dispatcher, and computer classes, or the special security listing. Includes links to archived newsletters from the past three years.
Crisis Intervention Team Training  CIT Training
Schedule for the 40-hour Basic CIT Training as well as Continuing Education training programs for CIT officers. Materials for the Basic CIT course can be downloaded from here.

Associated Agency Training

PLS Training  PLS Training
Check here for announcements regarding the legal and interpersonal training provided by Police Legal Sciences and POST certified by the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy, as well as general information about the program.
MO Safety Training Center  Missouri Safety Center Training
Check here for announcements regarding training provided by the Missouri Safety Center.

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