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Demolition Waste Application

A demolition application is required whenever a person generates demolition waste from the destruction/removal of any institutional, commercial, public, industrial or residential structure or building. A $50 application fee is due for each structure 120 ft2 or larger.

  • Owner occupied residential property owners who conduct their own demolition work submit a completed demolition application and they will be exempted ONLY from the $50 application fee.
  • All non-residential structure demolitions shall include "Commercial Structure Checklist" whether or not the removal of certain special and hazardous wastes is necessary.
  • Management of asbestos-containing material (ACM) is regulated by the Saint Louis County Air Pollution Control Program. For more information on ACM regulations, please contact Air Pollution.
  • The St. Louis County Air Pollution Control Program also reviews all Demolition Waste Applications to determine compliance with applicable asbestos and air pollution requirements. The St. Louis County Air Pollution Control Program performs inspections of demolition sites while demolition activity is occurring. A notification of demolition day and time will be required as a condition of demolition authorization. The notification form and additional information regarding demolitions, demolition inspections, and asbestos can be found on the Air Pollution Control Program at Demolition Inspections
  • The following forms must be submitted:
    1. Demolition Waste Application and Release Authorization Release Form  (application)
    2. Commercial StructureChecklist  (for commercial structures only)
    3. Applicable asbestos documentation (per Saint Louis County Air Pollution Control Program)

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Waste Hauling Licenses

If you haul solid waste within the boundary of Saint Louis County, you must obtain waste transportation licenses for any vehicles and mobile containers used in transporting waste on County roadways.

Please refer to the instruction sheet for instructions on which hauler license to obtain:

Residential Waste Haulers: All residential waste haulers are required to provide minimum level of service for all one- and two-family dwellings in St. Louis County. Minimum level of service (MLS) includes once a week trash and curbside recycling and two bulky waste pick-ups per year.

Special Waste Haulers: Waste haulers hauling sewage, sludge, and other special wastes must obtain a $1,000 bond for each vehicle hauling sludge or special waste.

Recovered Materials Haulers: Depending upon the type of material, this may have different requirements to prevent a public health risk or nuisance. No online forms are currently available as this is evaluated on a case by case basis. Please email [email protected] or call 314-615-4130 if you require more information.

**Please Note: outdated forms will not be accepted. Please ensure you submit the current form for the effective license year.

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Waste Facility Licenses

Whether collected for disposal or recovery, St. Louis County Waste Management Code requires that all waste or recovered materials must be taken to facilities that are designed and licensed to accept and process for safe disposal or recovery. Facilities in St. Louis County are licensed based on the waste class(es) to be accepted and types of processing to be performed at the facility. Waste classes include: municipal waste, demolition waste, special waste, organic waste, yard by-products, hazardous waste, infectious or biohazardous waste, and liquid waste.

The Waste Code includes two categories of licensed facilities: waste facilities and recycling centers. Waste facilities include: sanitary landfill, demolition landfill, waste processing facility, transfer station, yard by-product compost facility, and (organics) compost facility. Recycling centers take in only clean loads of recovered materials not exceeding 10% waste contamination. All facilities shall renew their licenses annually.

For more information on licensing a waste facility or recycling center, please contact Field Services at [email protected].

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Special Waste Permits

Are you a generator of Special Waste?

Special Waste has physical and/or chemical characteristics that have the potential to require special handling for landfill disposal. Examples include but not limited to sludges, ash, contaminated soils, process residues, medical special waste and solid wastes that have been buried outside the permitted waste disposal boundary of a licensed landfill. To haul these types of wastes within Saint Louis County, a permit must be acquired. Please fill out the Special Waste Application form and submit to Special Waste, 4562 Lemay Ferry Rd, St. Louis, MO 63129.

IESI MO Champ Landfill is the only facility in Saint Louis County that can accept special waste.

Please submit the completed form to:

Saint Louis County Public Health Department
Solid Waste Management Program
4562 Lemay Ferry Rd
Saint Louis, MO 63129

Please Note: the County application will require a copy of the MODNR special waste form which can be found here

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