Answers To Your Questions

Below you can find answers to commonly asked questions about St. Louis County Trash services.

If you are unable to find the answer to your questions, first contact your district hauler. If an issue can’t be resolved, please call 314-615-HAUL (4285) or email [email protected].

Why did my service change?

County ordinances require the term of the unincorporated St. Louis County waste district contract not to exceed five years. The current contract started on April 3, 2017. Re-bidding the contract every five years ensures residents get the best service for the lowest price.

When will a new contract start?

Monday April 4, 2022.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Questions should be directed to your district hauler. If an issue can’t be resolved, please call 314-615-HAUL (4285) or email [email protected].

How do I know what district I am in?

Residents can click here to find out what district they are in.

Does this new contract affect all of unincorporated St. Louis County?

Yes, unless a subdivision previously selected the one-time “opt-out” provision when unincorporated waste district contracts began in 2008. Any subdivision can opt back into the waste district contract, but ordinance prohibits any further opt-outs.

My subdivision opted out from the waste district previously, how do we opt back in?

Interested subdivisions may click here for the opt in form and instructions. If you have questions on the opt-in process, please contact 314-615-HAUL (4285).

What if I don’t want to use the services of the County authorized trash district hauler. Can I switch haulers?

Only the county contracted hauler is authorized to provide trash service in the unincorporated trash districts. Therefore, other haulers will not provide service in those areas because they will be in violation of County ordinance and be subject to penalties.

Can residents choose not to have trash service?

Trash service is required by law in Saint Louis County. This requirement has been in effect since the 1980’s to ensure that people don’t create a public health nuisance or pollute the environment. All occupied premises must have trash service.

What if no one lives at the house, the house is vacant?

If the house is unoccupied, no trash service is required. Please fill out the “Proof of Vacancy Form” and return. We will process it and forward it to the district hauler to suspend the account for that address.

I am a renter. Who is responsible for paying for trash service at my residence?

Per County Ordinance, both the occupant (renter) and the property owner (landlord) are responsible for making sure the residence has trash service. Payment of trash service should be determined by the rental agreement. However, if trash service is terminated due to non-payment both the renter and the landlord are held accountable.

It is difficult for me to afford basic trash service. What am I supposed to do?

Basic trash service includes once-a-week trash collection, once-a-week recycling collection, once per month bulky waste collection pickup of 2 items, and 3 yard-waste collections (spring, summer, and fall).

Pricing for this new contract is very competitive, and we are pleased that in some districts, prices for service went down. It is true that paying for basic trash service can be a burden for some people, but everyone generates trash and it is an ordinance requirement to have trash service.

This contract offers senior citizen discounts of 10%. Those discounts can increase (up to a total of 17%), if the qualified senior household also chooses the 64-gallon or 48-gallon cart option. Other residents can recycle more and choose the 64-gallon cart for a 7% discount.

St. Louis County residents who own their home may qualify for a hardship waiver for trash service. Please contact our waste management program for more details at 314-615-HAUL (4285) or fill out this form and email it to: [email protected].

I plan on moving or will be gone for extended period of time, who do I contact to cancel trash service?

Contact the trash hauler to cancel service if you are moving from the residence. Also, if the property is going to be vacant for a minimum 60 days, you can contact the hauler for a temporary leave of absence.

I don’t understand what “discounts for generating less trash” means?

This contract rewards those who work to reduce waste and recycle as much as possible by giving everyone  a 7% discount if they choose a smaller trash cart. Smaller carts for general residents is the 64-gallon trash cart size.

Seniors may order 48-gallon trash cart. But remember, all trash must fit in one cart. By reducing your waste and recycling more, this discount can work for you.

However, trash cannot go in the recycling cart. If you are new to recycling or need a refresher, you can learn what to recycle here. You can have as many recycling carts as you want.

Why did trash collection days change for residents?

Collection and route schedules are created by the hauler for each district and approved by County. Some schedules stayed the same and others changed. The hauler notified each household of their assigned collection day, no less than 15 days before the start of the new contract.

Why did my trash service cost change? Some went up and some went down!

Each district is competitively bid. While four districts went down in costs, four districts went up. The cost depends on the density of routes and distances to disposal facilities.

Why am I getting a new trash cart? Can’t I just use my own trash can?

The new waste contract bid specifications called for automated collection for both trash and recycling. Automated collection uses a robotic arm to lift the trash or recycling cart into the truck. Only carts designed to work with the robotic arm can be used. The waste industry is moving to automated collection because it reduces physical injuries and accidents for sanitation workers. The trash cart is part of the basic service and carries no additional rental or other fees.

How do I choose the size of trash cart that I want?

Your district hauler will send information on how to choose the size of your trash cart. If you do not respond to the hauler with your selection, a 90 gallon cart will be delivered to your residence prior to the collection day.

How much trash can fit in a 90 gallon, 65 gallon cart, or a 48 gallon cart?

Using traditional kitchen size trash cans that hold 13 gallon bags, you can get 6-8 bags in 90 gallon cart, about 4-5 bags of trash in a 65 gallon cart, and 3-4 bags in a 48 gallon cart.

What am I supposed do with the trash can I purchased?

A rigid container can be used for yard waste. If you do not subscribe for optional weekly yard waste, you may wish to use your old can for the free seasonal yard waste collections provided in the new contract. If you, a friend or neighbor cannot use the can, it can be discarded as a bulky waste item.

What should I do with my recycling cart I can no longer use?

Your district hauler can replace the County recycling carts at no charge to the resident. When the new cart is dropped off, the hauler will pick up the old cart and recycle it.

What happens if all my trash doesn’t fit in my cart?

All trash must fit in your cart. The contract has an option for households to pay additional fees for setting out more trash than fits in your cart for those circumstances (special occasions, spring cleaning etc.) when you have more trash than usual.

On a weekly basis, if a 90 gallon cart does not hold all of your weekly trash, revisit what you could recycle or set up twice per week service (minimum three month period) for an additional charge. 70% of household waste can be recycled and once a week recycling pick up is part of your basic service. You can have as many recycling carts as needed at no extra charge!

What can be recycled?

Click here for a complete list of what can be recycled.

What is included in basic service?

Basic service includes once-a-week trash collection, once-a-week recycling collection, once a month bulky collection of two items, and 3 seasonal yard-waste collections (spring, summer and fall).

What is seasonal yard waste collection?

Seasonal yard-waste collection is part of minimum service to allow residents who have an occasional seasonal need for yard-waste collection to have an option for proper disposal. Three collections are provided, one pickup per season (spring, summer, and fall).

Your hauler will notify you of the dates for each seasonal collection. Volumes for each seasonal collection are limited, and only up to 10 yard-waste bags or 300 gallons will be collected. Residents, who generate more yard-waste than covered by the seasonal collection, may subscribe to weekly yard-waste collection (minimum three month period) for an additional fee.

What is considered bulky for a bulky pickup?

Bulky items are large items like mattresses, couches, chairs, household items, fixtures, etc. that will not fit in a residential waste container that can be safely lifted by two persons.

Major appliances and consumer electronics are not considered bulky waste and the resident must make special arrangements with the district hauler for collection. Households may place up to two bulky items for collection each month on the last regularly scheduled waste collection day.

If additional bulky collection is needed, residents can call their hauler to make arrangements for an extra fee.

What other services can I obtain past this basic service level? How do I get those?

The County contract includes the following optional services for additional fees above the basic service fee. To arrange for these optional services, contact your waste hauler:

  • Weekly yard waste with a minimum 3 month sign up
  • Extra bulky collection in excess of basic service
  • Twice a week waste service with a minimum 3 month sign up
  • Over household waste volume (exceeding what will fit in the cart)
  • Over yard-waste volume (over 10 bags or 300 gallons)
  • Major appliance collection
  • Christmas tree collection (for residents who do not have yard-waste)
  • Minor renovation or emergency debris collection (up to ten cubic yards)