Doors To Success

Doors To Success (DTS) was created to give young adults an opportunity to work toward earning a GED (now called HiSet) and succeed in employment.

Who is eligible?

  • Any County resident 17-23 years old.
  • And in need of a GED (now called HiSet) or improvement in job readiness skills to obtain a job and/or keep one.

How do I get started?

Step One

Please call the main number 314-615-4429 to determine which site is best for you or arrange to stop by one of the sites.

Need directions? Just click on the map below.

Step Two

One of our Youth Specialist Case Managers will schedule a convenient time for you to come to the site and attend orientation.


Hazelwood DTS

Bethany Peace UCC
11952 Bellefontaine Road
St Louis, MO 63138


The Center at Spanish Lake

The Center at Spanish Lake
12079 Bellefontaine Rd.
Spanish Lake, MO 63138

Doors to Success offers 5 ways to help young adults live productive, healthy lives:

  1. GED ( now called HiSet) Instruction
  2. Job Readiness
  3. Life Skills
  4. Case Management
  5. Positive Youth Development

GED (Now Hi Set)  Instruction

Doors To Success (DTS) was created to give young adults an opportunity to work toward earning a HiSet. The HiSet instruction assists with academic questions, maps out assignments and administers test to determine academic levels. Practice HiSet tests and official registration forms are also available from the Instructor, who arranges for program participants to take the HiSet test at the appropriate time.

Job Readiness

A Case Manager works with participants in groups or one-on-one to help prepare them for employment by developing skills in the following areas: completing applications, interviewing, dressing appropriately for work and job retention. Participants will also complete job assessments to determine their vocational goals.

Life Skills

Life Skills Instruction is provided in small group sessions to help participants develop or improve their social, money management, and decision making skills, and better deal with life challenges such as personal health issues and more.

Case Management

Everyone entering DTS is assigned a Case Manager. Case Managers help each participant complete an assessment to determine if additional resources are needed to be successful in the program. They also help set goals for achievement throughout the program, and monitor overall progress.

Positive Youth Development

Doors To Success staff members, plan positive recreation and social activities throughout the program for participants. Activities are designed to develop personal skills, character, and knowledge. While in the Doors To Success program, youth have access to individual therapy, drug and alcohol education, and legal services through collaborative partners.