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Public Health Nursing
Community Health Nursing in Saint Louis County

The mission of the Saint Louis County Public Health Nursing program is to promote and preserve the health of populations at risk for poor health outcomes.

The program integrates the skills and knowledge of both professional nursing and public health. The program includes identification of subgroups within the community who are at higher risk of illness or poor recovery and targeting resources toward those groups, families and individuals who comprise them.

The mission is achieved by working with health related groups, community leaders, agencies and the subgroups at risk.

Home visiting program:

  • Professional nursing consultation and intervention for high-risk pregnancies and infants.
  • Holistic in-home nursing assessment and education to promote health and wellness.
  • Case management and coordination of client care through a multidisciplinary approach.

Promoting and supporting the family!

Community leadership:

  • Assistance with community assessment and needs identification.
  • Development of health promotion and prevention programs.
  • Partnering with community leaders to influence health policy development.
  • Engaging communities to respond to health issues.

Working together to strengthen our communities!


  • Collaboration with area agencies to promote accessible health care to all members of the community.
  • Referral to other Department of Public Health and Saint Louis County Government programs.
  • Assistance with early childhood programs, area school districts and adolescent support groups.

Recognizing the needs of our citizens
and meeting the challenge!

For additional information or questions about this program, please contact:

PHN Supervisor: 314-615-9727

PHN Office Coordinator: 314-615-6994

Please fax referrals to the PHN Office Coordinator at: 314-615-7932

Community Health Nursing services are housed in the North Central Community Health Center at 4000 Jennings Station Road, 63121. Services are available through each of the Saint Louis County Health Centers.