Reporting an Animal Bite

General Overview

Investigating animal bites is one of the most important things Animal Control Officers do. 

Rabies is a preventable viral disease that is transmitted through the saliva or tissues from the nervous system from an infected mammal to another mammal.  It is typically fatal. 

Officers will place animals that have bitten people under observation to make sure they receive the proper evaluation and assessment for signs and symptoms of rabies. 

Reporting an Animal Bite

Please report all animal bites.  To report a bite or to request additional information please email us at [email protected]. Include your physical address and phone number.

Wildlife Removal

We will respond to remove any wild animal that is found in the living area of a home. We are not licensed to remove wildlife that is outdoors, in attics, crawl spaces, or basements.

If you find a wild animal in your home during after normal office hours, call the Police Department Non-Emergency Hotline at 636-529-8210.  We will send an Animal Control Officer to your location.  

Helpful Tips

Do not attempt to capture an animal yourself. Keep children and household pets away from a wild animal. Keep an eye on the animal to help our Animal Control Officers locate/capture it.

Outdoor Wildlife

Wildlife that is outdoors, outside of your physical residence, should be left alone. If you find a wild animal that is injured, behaving abnormally, or causing a disturbance, you have the following options to offer assistance.

  • Missouri Department of Conservation.  They will assist with wildlife control only.  They can be reached at 636-492-1610
  • Bi-State Wildlife Hotline: 636-492-1610
Rabies Prevention

Here are helpful resources specific to rabies prevention in animals and people.