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Saint Louis County Department of Public Health

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Public Health
A Message from Your Public Health Department

The purpose of this site is to bring public health services and information closer to county citizens. We want to make it easy for you to find public health problem-solvers and conduct business with us. This site promotes the core functions and essential services of public health. It is just one more way we support the vision and the mission of the Department of Public Health.

We also want to use this page to listen to your thoughts about public health – about why we do what we do. Tell us what you think! If you have a specific complaint that requires immediate action, please contact our administrative offices at 314-615-1600. Thank you.

The Mission of Your Public Health Department

The Saint Louis County Department of Public Health strives to keep St. Louis County one of the best places in the region to live, work, or visit. This is accomplished by regularly assessing the health and environment of the county and responding with sound policies that help assure the availability of high quality public health services for everyone.

Your Public Health Department’s Vision

The Saint Louis County Department of Public Health's vision is a collaborative public health system entrusted to coordinate and allocate resources for prevention and outreach to promote and create a healthy and safe environment.

Your Public Health Department’s Values

The Saint Louis County Department of Public Health is committed to:

  • being a public health leader in the community;
  • operating in a manner that recognizes the value of all people;
  • promoting health equity throughout the county;
  • continuously improving its operations;
  • using evidence-based practices;
  • attaining the highest level of service through efficiency, consistency, and relationship development;
  • promoting innovation to ensure all people in the community are served; and
  • operating in a transparent manner and accepting responsibility for outcomes.
What Is Public Health?

Public health is the science and practice of protecting and improving the health of a community through a variety of means, including preventative medicine, health education, the control of communicable diseases, the application of sanitary measures, and the monitoring of environmental hazards. For more in-depth information, visit: What Is Public Health?

Employment, Internships, and Volunteering

The Saint Louis County Department of Public Health does not have its own job search site; however, you can view Department of Public Health jobs using the following link: Saint Louis County Current Openings.

For more information about internships, please visit the department’s Internship Program page.

For more information about volunteering at the Saint Louis County Department of Public Health, please visit our Volunteer Program page.

Your Public Health Department's Campus

The Saint Louis County Department of Public Health Campus is located at 6121 North Hanley Road in Berkeley (near the intersection of North Hanley Road and Airport Road). The facility serves as the main administrative headquarters for the entire public health department as well as house the majority of public health department programs and employees. To learn more click here.