Apr 04 2018

St. Louis County Issues RFP for Police Body Cameras

St. Louis County has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to equip St. Louis County Police Department officers and patrol cars with cameras. The public safety sales tax Proposition P, which County voters passed overwhelmingly last year, will fund the equipment.

“The goal of the camera program is to ensure officer accountability and build trust with the citizens of St. Louis County,” County Executive Steve Stenger said.

Proposition P, which voters passed one year ago today, is a half-cent sales tax with proceeds earmarked for public safety in St. Louis County and County municipalities. In addition to body cameras, the County’s portion of the tax is funding numerous initiatives, including:
 Hiring more police officers
 Improving police pay
 Mobilizing more two-officer cars, and
 Expanding officer training on topics such as peaceful conflict resolution.

“Thanks to the voters, we were able to increase police salaries to make the St. Louis County Police Department competitive with some of the largest suburban agencies in the region,” County Executive Stenger said. “And now our department will have a state-of-the-art body camera system that will greatly benefit our officers and the citizens they serve.”
St. Louis County Police will install dash cams in the majority of patrol cars while body cams will be placed strategically among individual officers.

“We are working on the most efficient ways to equip our officers with camera systems and through the RFP process we expect to find a company that’s a good fit for our needs,” St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said. “Parties interested in bidding on the body camera contract are required to include a description of software, data storage capabilities and video quality.”

Through Proposition P funds, Chief Belmar has hired approximately 40 additional law enforcement officers, with the goal of increasing our organization’s manpower by 114 officers.

County Executive Stenger said additional announcements would be forthcoming as steps are taken in each of the areas identified in the Proposition P initiative. “We are proceeding with plans for all the measures that were identified for use by Prop P funds,” County Executive Stenger said.

View the RFP here:Dashboard and Body Camera RFP

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