Trailers and Trailer Camps Code Chapter 805

Definition of a Trailer Camp

This license is for those locations in the unincorporated area of St. Louis County that are considered a Trailer Camp, which is deemed as follows:

"Any park, trailer park, trailer court, court, camp site, lot, parcel or tract of land designated or intended for the purpose of supplying a location or accommodation where any trailer coach or trailer coaches are parked, whether a charge is made for the use of the trailer camp facility or not."

Contact the License Division by phone or mail and request an Application to Operate a Trailer Camp. Submit the completed application. The fees will be collected and a license issued after all of the inspections have been completed and approvals have been received.

Instructions for Application to Operate a Trailer Camp

A Trailer Camp application requires the name of the owner/manager, his/her home address, and the name and address of the Trailer Camp.

The maximum number of house trailers the camp will accommodate should be noted and the number of house trailers that are now being accommodated.

The application is signed by the applicant and notarized.

No fees are submitted with the application. The fees are paid after the application has been processed through the Police Department-Precinct, Public Works-Zoning, Public Works-Building Inspections, and Department of Health. If the application is approved by the above-noted departments, a letter is sent to the applicant requesting payment based on the number of trailers the camp will accommodate, i.e., first 10 units $75.00, each additional unit $7.50 each. Licenses expire December 31.


Trailer Camp licenses must be renewed annually following the same procedure for initial application as noted above.