Electronically Record Your Document(s)

Submit Electronic Documents

When you contact a trusted vendor submitter, you can have your office set up to electronically submit documents to our office

Vendor Benefits
  • Enhanced document tracking
  • Enhanced document security
  • Reduced document and payment errors
  • e-Recording shortens the time frame from receipt to return of document, from 3-5 working days to within almost minutes up to an hour of the initial submission

View a list of documents available for e-Recording

Important Information

The Conveyance document type represents any conveyance document, including Administrator's Deed or a Representative's Deed, that is not listed as an e-Recording option.

The Notice document type serves as a generic document type to be used for non-conveyance documents not listed on the e-Recording document type list.  If used, our staff will make the necessary correction during recording/indexing.

For answers to general e-Recording questions, email us at  [email protected].