Mission Statement

St. Louis County Department Mission

Pursuant to our mandate, the Department of Justice Services is empowered by the principles and philosophy of Direct Supervision as developed by the National Institute of Corrections. We are further emboldened by our vision for the future of New Generation jails. We, therefore, recognize and accept our mission to provide the following:

  • A safe, secure and humane environment for the community, staff, and inmates.

  • An environment where the staff, inmates and visitors are free from physical, emotional, or psychological abuse or danger.
  • An environment that encourages each inmate to better themselves physically, vocationally, socially and academically while incarcerated.

  • An environment that provides the tools for an inmate to participate in educational, vocational, recreational, and religious programs.

  • An environment that develops and supports the staff through constructive supervision and leadership.

  • An environment that fosters a well-trained staff and employs a professional, consistent and creative approach to "Direct Supervision Management". This approach will be maintained through progressive training, education and promotional opportunities for Justice Services' staff.

Part of the department's mission is to return to our communities inmates who have been given the opportunity to improve their behavior and lifestyle.