Construction Division

The Construction Division oversees roadway construction and rehabilitation (improvements) work performed by private contractors on St. Louis County maintained roads and right-of-way. The project types generally fall into two categories – Capital Projects (new construction or fundamental changes to aspects of the roadway) and Preservation/Rehabilitation Projects (activities intended to repair or extend the life of existing roadways):

Capital Projects include:

  • Realignment/reconfiguration
  • Widening/Lane additions
  • Intersections
  • Bridge rehabilitation/replacement
  • Retaining walls
  • New sidewalks
  • New roadways
Preservation/Rehabilitation Projects include:
  • Concrete Replacement (i.e. concrete slab replacement in subdivisions)
  • Asphalt “Mill & Overlay”
  • Infrastructure (i.e. pavement, sidewalk, curb repairs often followed by asphalt “Mill & Overlay”
  • Ultra-Thin Asphalt
  • Joint/Crack seal
  • Various pavement surface treatments

The majority of this work is performed under Department administered contracts that are funded by a combination of Federal and County monies. In a typical year, the Division manages and administers $20 - $35 million in highway work on 40 - 60 projects. At any given time there are 20 – 30 active projects. In addition to contract work, the Division:

  • Oversees work performed on the public right-of-way by contractors hired by others (i.e. private developers, utilities, permit holders).
  • Provides inspection, materials testing, and project management support to other Divisions/Departments.
The Construction Division consists of three (3) Sections plus administrative staff. These are Project Inspection, Materials Testing Laboratory, and Surveys.

Matthew J. Gruendler, P.E.

Construction Division Manager

(314) 615-1150

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Construction Division

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