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Municipal Manual-Sustainable Development

St. Louis County has been working on a sustainable zoning and subdivision ordinance revision project. As part of that project, the County requested their consultant to prepare a Code Assessment Manual, to be used as a guide for municipalities within the County. 

The purpose of the Manual is to guide other local governments that are interested in making their codes more sustainable and energy efficient through a three-step process: (1) Inventorying current land use regulations; (2) identifying barriers, incentives and gaps in those regulations; and (3) determining priority code amendments to achieve community sustainability goals. 

We are excited to distribute this Manual and hope you find it useful. 

If you have any questions about the Municipal Manual or the zoning updates, please contact the Project Manager, Jen Samson, at [email protected]

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Alphabetical Listing
  Published Cost Postage
At Your Service Booklet & Flyers 2003 free 1.50
Citizen's Guide to the Board of Zoning Adjustment Variance Process 1992 free 1.50
Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Report (CAPER) 2003 15.00 1.50
Consolidated Plan 2003 35.00 1.50
Day Care Brochure 1990 free 1.50
Day Care Home Licensing Rules for Unincorporated St. Louis County 1996 free 1.50
Deposit Agreement and Land Subdivision Bond Procedures - Guidelines for Developers 1995 free 1.50
Development Profile 2000 10.00 1.50
2002 Fact Book 2002 10.00 2.95
2007 Fact Book 2007 15.00 2.95
Guide to the Lot Split Procedure 1982 free 1.50
Home Buyer's Guide 1993 free 1.50
Neighborhood Preservation Tax Credit Application
Available from the Missouri Department of Economic Development
Protest and Appeal Process for Special Procedure Permits 1983 free 1.50
Strategic Plan 2003 free 1.50
2008 Strategic Plan Update 2008 free 1.50
Subdivision Ordinance 2017 10.00 1.50
Zoning Ordinance 2019 10.00 2.90