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St. Louis County is a great place to live, work and raise a family.  St. Louis County Government and all Departments serve and support the needs of 90 municipalities and one million citizens.  Our website is designed to be comprehensive, including sufficient information to help you locate the information, contact, form or application you need.  If you are unable to locate something, please contact one of our specific departments.  

If you have general questions, and are unsure where to start, reach out to us through our main switchboard.  Agents are available to take your calls between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, at 314-615-5000.  If you have a mobile phone and are geographically within the County, dial 311 to reach our Non-Urgent 311 Citizen Support Center.  

If you have a need and it is after hours, we can help.  Download our mobile app directly from the Apple Store or from the Android Store.  You'll find answers to common questions, news, events and the ability to create a service request.  


St. Louis County 2019 Budget

View, print and read the 2019 adopted budget along, an executive summary overview, a budget summary book and line item details.  Visit the budget here.

Fiscal Management Department

View the most recent financial report, and the 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Annual fiscal reports back to 2003 are also available.  Visit the report here.

Personnel & Human Resources

Learn more about our leadership around recruitment, building training programs, employee health and benefit programs, labor relations and compensation classification.  Visit us here.


Learn more about how to do business with us and access approved contractors.  Visit us here.

Roads | Permits| Neighborhoods


Locate information for road projects, construction, design, operations, special use permits, public notices and more.  A citizen information contact form is available.  Visit us here.

Public Works

Locate applications, forms and information for residential and commercial construction, neighborhood preservation, land disturbance, zoning and more.  Learn about our contractual relationships with most of St. Louis County's 90 municipalities.  Visit us here.


We are responsible for land use and community planning, administration of zoning and subdivision ordinances.  Visit us here

Courts | Emergencies | Jail

St. Louis County Circuit Court

We provide access to a fair, impartial, prompt and cost-effective system of justice that ensures all are treated with courtesy and dignity.  Visit us here

Crisis Intervention Team

We deliver positive law enforcement crisis intervention service to people with mental illness in the St. Louis area.  Visit us here.

Emergency Communications Commission

We administer an emergency communication system to communicate within the geographic boundaries of the county. Visit us here

Emergency Management

We are committed to a safer future through effective partnerships that are focused on saving lives and reducing the impact of disasters.  Visit us here.

Justice Services

We are responsible for the overall management, operation, and security of the St. Louis County Jail.  We are commonly known as the Buzz Westfall Justice Center.  Visit us here.  

Municipal Courts

We operate four courtroom locations throughout the County and adjudicate violations such as assault, domestic violence, traffic citations, and driving while intoxicated.  Visit us here.

Police Academy

We are committed to providing the highest quality of law enforcement training to adequately prepare men and women to serve and to protect.  Visit us here.   

Police Department

We serve with over 1,000 commissioned officers.  We have dedicated staff that handles everything from records requests to major criminal investigations.  Visit us here.  

Health | Wellness | Services

Children's Service Fund

We improve the lives of children, youth, and families in St. Louis County by investing in the creation and maintenance of an integrated system of care that delivers effective and quality mental health and substance abuse services.  Visit us here.

We are committed to being a public health leader in the community and promoting health equity throughout the county.  Visit us here.

Human Services

We are committed to providing the support, service and resources that help individuals of all ages live safely, productively, and independently.  Visit us here.

County Parks 


St. Louis County Parks and Recreation Department’s mission is to provide high quality parks, facilities, and recreation services that enhance residents’ lives through responsible and effective management of resources.  Visit us here.