Reporting Fraud


Fraud Hotline | The Process

The Confidential Hotline provides an avenue for citizens, vendors and County employees to report suspected fraud or waste of public funds or resources. The Hotline is for reporting issues involving St. Louis County Government only. The St. Louis County Auditor's Office does not investigate matters related to other political subdivisions or local businesses.

Confidential Fraud Hotline

Phone: 314-615-7000

Hours: 24/7

Email: [email protected]

Please provide us the following information when you contact us:

  • Circumstances of the incident
  • The County Department and subjects involved
  • Identify any evidence that is available, and any credible witnesses
  • Pleases provide any dates, times, names and/or places available

*Calls to the Hotline are anonymous and confidential. The Hotline is operated by the County Auditor's Office, and access to the messages is limited to individuals specifically authorized by the County Auditor.  If you do desire to provide your name and contact information, the County Auditor's Office keeps this information confidential to the extent allowed by law.