10/10 BIKES Program

  10 Trails * 10 Mile Bike Rides

Due to the success of our 30/30 HIKES program, St. Louis County Parks is now offering yet another exciting way to get out and enjoy nature while also getting in a healthy workout. Introducing, 10/10 BIKES, an all new way to enjoy St. Louis County’s 165 miles of beautiful trails!

Simply download the map from the park of your choice and hop on your bike! Enjoy 10 different trails and 10 miles of bike-riding fun! Each location includes a sign and unique hole punch to make your exercise outings that much more enjoyable! Punch cards and maps are available at any of our 6 Recreation Centers, Faust, Laumeier or at the Clayton Office (or download the map here). Once you have visited all 10 trails, exchange your punch card for an exciting 10/10 Bikes patch.