Crisis Intervention Team St. Louis County

Our Mission

The mission of the St. Louis Area Crisis Intervention Team is to deliver positive law enforcement crisis intervention service to people with mental illness in the St. Louis area.  We do this by:

  • Providing cooperative community partnerships of law enforcement, mental health service providers, consumers, families, and advocates.
  • Coordinating and enhancing services to people with mental illness and/or substance abuse problems through law enforcement based Crisis Intervention Teams.
  • Providing leadership to facilitate CIT programs and playing an integral role in the design of training for the CIT officers
  • Supporting success and continuing improvement of CIT.

The CIT Challenge

  • Millions of people have severe mental illnesses. Fewer than 50% receive minimally adequate treatment. These under-served people are in your community.
  • Policing these individuals is the last intervention option available. When other "crisis intervention professionals" are unable to effectively deal with an escalating situation, they have the option of withdrawing and calling for assistance.
  • Police departments do not have the alternative of dialing 911 when situations intensify. They are required to respond in circumstances where no other professional will attend. Officers are expected to effectively communicate, counsel, mediate, advise, empathize, protect, and console.
  • Officers are expected to be intelligent and have the capacity and willingness to forcibly intervene without malice. The police are expected to calmly and compassionately render assistance to the public while at the same time instilling fear into the criminal element of society.
  • This may seem an impossible endeavor. To make the task more challenging, officers perform these feats daily without complaining without thanks.

St. Louis County Police Department

7900 Forsyth Blvd

Clayton, MO 63105

Emergency Calls: Call 911

Non-Emergency Reporting / General Information: (636) 529-8210

TDD: (636) 529-8220 

Contact Us

St. Louis Area CIT Police Coordinator

Sergeant Gary Robertson

7900 Forsyth Boulevard

St. Louis, Missouri 63105

For questions and comments:

Telephone: (314) 615-7117

Email: [email protected]