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People often take public health for granted in Saint Louis County: our drinking water will not make us ill; our restaurants and supermarkets will not poison us; we and our children will not catch fatal diseases from neighbors or school friends.

A thin shield - a fine web of public health practices and personal habits - protects us from the nasty, brutish and short life that has been the rule for so much of human history. Two important facets of the shield are communicable disease control and health education.

Communicable disease control services:

The administrative offices for the Communicable Disease Control Services program are headquartered at:

6121 North Hanley Road
Berkeley, MO 63134

Saint Louis County Communicable Disease Control

Normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Phone: 314-615-1630

After-hours emergency number:

Phone: 314-615-7677

(Please note that testing for communicable diseases are NOT offered at the administrative offices. For information about testing at the department’s three health centers, please visit

Saint Louis County CDC Services provide:

  • Year-round immunization services for children and adults
  • Special Immunization services such as
    • Fall flu campaigns and other prevention campaigns as needed
  • General protection against a wide variety of communicable diseases
  • Control of outbreaks, containment of effects, tracking down contacts to be sure they're treated and to be sure the community is safe
  • Tuberculosis control services
  • Sexually transmitted disease control services
  • HIV counseling and testing including
    • Metropolitan St. Louis AIDS Program
  • The refugee health program
  • Travel shots                                                                                                                     
    We also assure that communicable disease control measures are built into other County health and environmental services.


 Diseases in the News

Mumps, Meningitis, Pandemic Influenza and other diseases
in the news.

Visit our Emergency Preparedness Resource page.
Learn how to report a bio-terrorism concern.
Link to latest Federal and Missouri State information.

Visit our Avian and Pandemic Influenza Site.
Find the latest information on pandemic influenza.

To report a problem in Saint Louis County:
(NOT related to bio-terrorism concerns)
Call Saint Louis County DPH, CDC Office, at 314-615-1630,
or send us an email to: [email protected]. Our fax number is 314-615-8346.

For travel information call the County's Communicable Disease
Control Services at: 314-615-1630
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. through 5 p.m.
Visit the National CDC's Travelers Health website for the most up-to-date information online.

For updates on communicable diseases or immunizations,
visit the US Center for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC)
. Review their Morbidity and Mortality
Weekly Report (MMWR)

For current information on diseases and health issues,
refer to the A-Z Index provided
by the CDC. To view US readiness for bioterrorism
threats, visit CDC's Bioterrorism Preparedness
and Response
resource. The
same page contains information and links about anthrax.

Federal CDC information sites:
Flu | HIV/AIDS | "Mad Cow" Disease (BSE) | Monkeypox
SARS | Smallpox | West Nile Virus

To find out in detail about emerging infectious disease
problems, visit the CDC's Emerging Infectious Diseases
. Metapneumovirus is an example of an emerging
infectious disease problem.


Communicable disease fact sheets:

Your own acts make your County's communicable disease shield weaker or stronger.

  • Get proper immunizations for yourself and your family. This builds your own shield against the diseases of the past. It also strengthens the "health of  the herd" (pardon the analogy) of the entire County.
  • Practice personal hygiene. Always. Hand washing is an essential part of home and community hygiene. It prevents the spread of a variety of diseases, including the increasingly common hepatitis A! Spitting and improper nose blowing aren't just social no-no's - they are prime methods of spreading communicable diseases. Until very recently, tuberculosis was a great killer of humanity - and it was spread mainly by these bad health habits. 
  • Practice sexual responsibility
  • Practice safe food preparation and storage - keep it hot or keep it cold. Keep it clean.
  • Vector Control - You can control diseases spread through rats, mosquitoes and flies - by denying them a place to breed and feed. Keep tight-fitting lids on trash to deny food to rats and flies. Don't let water stand in tires, ditches, buckets, etc. These are breeding sites for mosquitoes.
  • Be a responsible pet owner. Be sure your dog or cat is immunized, tagged, and spayed or neutered.
  • If you "catch" a communicable disease - do what's necessary to get well! Comply with your prescribed treatment regimen.

Communicable disease fact sheets: 

Fact sheets can be accessed via right menu bar, and are available in .pdf format for easy printout. Text size can be enlarged as needed using the View / Text Size menu command on most browsers.

The STD links accessed via right menu bar provide basic information about some of the most common sexually transmitted diseases.

For a complete listing of communicable diseases and fact sheets,
please visit the US CDC's "Health Topics A to Z".