Create a Service Request

A service request can be completed on the 311 Desktop App or the 311 Mobile App.

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Download the 311 mobile app by going to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and searching for "Gateway 311." 

Below are brief descriptions for each service requests offered through the mobile or desktop app.  If you have questions or need assistance, contact the 311 Citizen Support Center by dialing 311 or 314-615-7311.  Our business hours are 8-5, Mon-Fri.

Tree Removal

downed treeA tree or limbs has decayed, rotted, split, fallen, is aging or blocking signage.  The tree is located in the public right of way.

Broken Sidewalk

Broken SidewalkA sidewalk is cracked, fractured, or dislodged.  It is a liability or hazard to walk on or ride a bike on.     

Pothole | Street Repair

Pothole Service A pothole has formed, a curb is damaged or the main surface of a street is in need of repair creating a hazard and liability.  

Traffic Signal

A malfunctioning traffic signal is creating traffic congestion. The County will identify the responsible party and send a crew to fix the issue.  

Trash Service

Trash Bin Your waste hauler missed picking up your trash and other neighbors trash was collected.  

Food Borne Illness

You dined at any food establishment in St. Louis County and became ill. You visited a doctor and have food poisoning.  

Park Facilities Issue

Parks SwingsetYou have observed an issue of concern to a pavilion, shelter, playground, spray pools, water fountains, athletic field or storm damage. 

Stray Animal/Wildlife

Animal ControlA stray animal is on your property and causing a danger, concern or problem.

Abandoned Vehicle

A vehicle is sitting on a personal property lot, a main street or road and does not have license plates.

High Grass

A commercial or residential property has allowed their grass and weeds to become overgrown.    

Street Sign

Broken Street Sign A sign is damaged, broken or is defaced.  This includes all signs in the public right of way.  


Broken Street Sign Graffiti has been sprayed on a residential/commercial property or bridge, overpass, or road sign.  

Trash Stockpiling

Broken Street SignFurniture, electronics, or non traditional trash items have been placed by the curb on a residential street.    

Restaurant Sanitation

You observed a sanitation issue in a St. Louis County food establishment.  Poor service or lengthy wait times are not considered sanitation issues.  


Vector Control Mice or rats have infested a public right of way on your property creating a nuisance or hazard.  

Park Nuisance Behavior

Park NuisanceYou observe rowdy behavior, loud music, noise, drug or alcohol use, dog unleashed, a deer stand, poaching, a speeding vehicle or bicyclist. 

Park Grounds

You observe uncut grass, unsightly trash not in a receptacle, a bathroom not open, road repair, or a need for snow removal. 

Property Maintenance

A residential home is decaying, poorly kept up or maintained by the property owner.